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Diviniti Dhoop Sticks Jar for Pooja, Prayer, Worship| Dhoop Sticks with Rich Fragrance| Fragrance for Soft, Mesmerizing Aroma| Toxin-Free, 100% Natural (Pack of 3)

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The amalgamation of pure ingredients and other natural substances give rise to supreme quality dhoop sticks ideal for Pooja, prayer, worship and religious rituals. The dhoop sticks with blissful aroma are a perfect choice for all spiritual events. Exceptional quality natural aromatic dhoop sticks with the refreshing fragrance of mogra adds an energizing twist to every corner of your room.
The mesmerizing aroma turns your home into a spiritually blissful place. The long-lasting fragrance also helps relieve stress and anxiety eliminating negativity. The 100% organic dhoop sticks help create an eternal positive aura and help you perform rituals or Pooja purifying the aura of any space. Mogra dhoop stick is known for its soft, soothing, and calming fragrance. The classic dhoop stick help create a pure environment perfect for prayer.


[Traditional Rejuvenating Aroma]: Create an aromatic and energizing environment with high quality dhoop sticks that have rose fragrance to uplift every corner of any given space. The dhoop sticks are ideal for any auspicious occasion and even for regular use. The dhoop sticks help keep the pollutants away. Build up a spiritually perfect atmosphere and perform Pooja the way it should be.

[Creates Divine Aura]: The spiritual properties of dhoop sticks help to cleanse the surrounding aura and make your space feel spiritually refreshed. You can make any space cozy and inviting and inject a delightful twist to the ambience. While performing your daily Pooja, you can express your gratitude to the gods by using these top quality dhoop sticks.

[Natural Air Purifier]: The dhoop sticks are made of natural ingredients that make your occasion a remarkable experience. The natural ingredients soothe your body and mind while creating a calming atmosphere. The fragrance of rose is helpful in eliminating bad odor and improving the quality of the air.

[Less Smoke, Long-Lasting Fragrance]: The refreshing rose with its pleasant scent creates an aromatic sensation that lasts for longer while giving you a spiritual vibe. The aroma of Indian rose helps you refresh every corner of your space with a long-lasting fragrance. A perfect aroma with perfectly made classic dhoop sticks.

[Environment Friendly]: These natural aromatic dhoop sticks can also be used to create an ideal environment for meditation. The aroma not only soothes your mind but also uplifts your mood, ultimately helping you have a fruitful meditation session. The charcoal free sticks prove to be beneficial in easing stress and anxiety.



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