The Legacy of Diviniti

  • Spreading divinity since 1956
  • Pioneer in 24K Gold Plated Articles
  • More than 60 million Divinitis sold worldwide
  • 20+ Patents
  • Adorned the temples and living rooms of the royalties, heads of states and celebrities
  • Authorized outlets across the country
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Forming gifting franchise business at affordable rate

For the past 60 years, the exquisitely designed 24K gold encased Diviniti products have adorned the temples and living rooms of the royalties, heads of states and celebrities. From designing the coveted celebratory momento of the Hon. President of India to becoming the world’s largest gold plated gifting company, Diviniti has traversed a long and artistic journey. It’s time you gift your loved ones the goodness of Diviniti that shall be cherished forever. Gifting to your loved ones is a part of our culture. And gold plays a vital role in our gifting items. Gold encased products which are not only affordable but also are elegant and premium gift for your loved ones.

Business is always a risky area to delve into but when your object of forming a business is something that enjoys eternal popularity, you must take a sigh of relief. Gold and idols combined together always used in everyday life in a way or other. The new business idea that we have formulated is to help the budding businessmen with a low investment to start a sustainable business. The business plan is ready with us and you just need to scatter it more. The gift franchise shop would have all the beautiful gold plated creations and other gifts. Diviniti products are being used in all possible cities across in a way or other giving us a presence across India.

How to start your own gift shop business?

Undoubtedly, everyone on this earth has a special liking for gold, idols and gifts and it would really be wonderful if that liking can be transformed into a business. Then this business won’t only remain as a transaction but it would indulge a whole lot of emotions. A loving heart wants to present an endearing gift and affordable gold plated products would be the first thing that can crop up in mind would be a premium yet affordable gold item and a gift showroom. So, having a showroom with such products would be your first step towards this business. The satisfaction of the mind of both the gift sender and receiver on this gifting solution is something inexplicable.

The big market of gifting - which franchise programme to look out for?

In a religious country like India god idols would never go out of fashion or out of any market trend.  Because of the religious followers the market trend of god idols is always on the rise. Along with that we have more than twenty five major to minor festivals that keeps the demand of these idols at a higher level.

We are engaged in this business for a long time and with our products in all the major cities of India, we have transformed the idea of gifting. This whole process of gifting has become a refined one with lots of opportunities open for all the customers. And with increased communication we are able to get our products to your drawing room.

To start a profitable business which gives you happiness, the best option for you is obviously gifting and getting into the gifting franchise Diviniti is your best option.