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Who was Baba Ravidas and what was his contribution to the bhakti movement?

Baba Ravidas, also known as Raidas, was a prominent mystic poet-saint during the 15th to 16th century CE, contributing significantly to the Bhakti movement. He founded the Ravidassia religion and is revered as a guru in modern regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana.

Ravidas was born into the untouchable leather-working Chamar caste in Varanasi and advocated for the worship of a formless God, emphasizing the removal of social divisions and promoting unity for personal spiritual freedom. His devotional verses are included in the Sikh scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib. Ravidas is also recognized for his social reform efforts, particularly in challenging the inhuman system of social exclusion, untouchability, and Brahmin class dominance in Indian society. He is regarded as a spiritual guru of Meera Bai, the Chittoor queen.

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