Celebrating professional (work) anniversaries are about appreciating your hard working employees and colleagues. In today's fast-paced and stressful work milieu, expressing sheer gratitude for committed co-workers/employees is supremely important. In addition, these remarkable occasions are also a great way to observe the employees' loyalty and how they contributed to their workplace. Therefore, you need to dwell deeper to know more about commemorating work anniversaries. You should also know how you can show love to your employees/workers/ colleagues by simple methods (using customized gift items). There are so many divine gifts online


But where are these gifts? Where to buy these gifts?

Premium corporate gifts are rare to find. You will find many platforms to buy corporate gifts but the chances of getting premium quality and deliverance is unusual. That is something which is extremely rare. Diviniti, India’s well-known platform for corporate and personal customized gifting, is something you can discover and trust. We have everything: awards and trophies, certificates, pendants, journals, notebooks, MDF photo frames, mementos, to name a few things. All of these classy products are available in 24-carat gold with high-guarantee. You can explore these gold-plated gift items on our website. 

Some corporate gifts ideas for you

Gold-plated bookmarks 

Bookmarks are a special kind of gift. They are not just for book lovers but also for people who like to keep diaries with them for professional purposes. This will be a great choice, especially when it has 24-carat gold plating. The person will surely cherish this gift for life and beyond. The starting price of 24-carat gold bookmarks is just Rs.7,99. And that is a great price!

Gold-plated journals and notebooks

Not that we have spoken about bookmarks, we know where we are going. Yes, we will be discussing journals and notebooks. You can surely buy acrylic-made journals and notebooks by Diviniti. What makes these products special is that they have unique spiritual paintings on them. And, of course, they have been designed with 24-carat gold. Your co-worker will be really happy to make notes in this classy notebook/journal. Here is the link for you to have a better understanding of these products. 

Gold-plated quotations 

"Love is always bestowed as a gift." Imagine giving someone this as a gift in the form of a quotation. It will be remembered forever, quite literally. Now imagine if you gift this to your colleague in 24-carat gold. Even better, right? We know. Hence, Diviniti has the best for you when it comes to quotations. The product is available in various sizes with the option of an MDF base. You also have the liberty to get these customized. We will also be happy to help you with an exemplary quotation, in case you are a bit confused.

Gold-plated awards and trophies

Encouragement is a very close synonym for motivation. An employee deserves encouragement at every level, no matter how big or small a firm is. The zeal to do better and outshine among its competitors should be alive. Always alive! Hence, awards and trophies are a great option to celebrate work anniversaries or any other occasion related to professional life. Also, an addition of 24-carat gold plating will add more value to these awards and trophies. And Diviniti has these amazing gifts for you. 


So, if you are looking for exciting and special gift items for your workforce or your intimate colleague to celebrate work anniversaries, make sure you invest in these 24-carat gold gift items. It is time to tell them they matter, and without them growth is stagnant. With them, growth is great and beautiful.