Probably everyone in this world loves gifts. For the occasion of Dhanteras, royal gifts like 24k gold plated customized coins are perfect. Check out what’s more.

In the Hindu tradition, Dhanteras is a day of special importance. Not only it marks the beginning of Diwali but also indicates the purchase of gold and silver. Families meet each other after a long time. As a result, they never go empty-handed. Luxurious presents like a Lakshmi Ganesh gold coin, pendants, etc are great ideas. 

Opulent Presents That Will Make Your Families And Friends Happy

1. Lakshmi Gold Coin 

The first gift that we have in mind is a divine gold coin Laxmi Ganesh. This is available exclusively at Diviniti’s website and is surely going to make your family members happy. Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth while Lord Ganesh is the God of fortune. Gift both of these 24 Carat Single-Sided coins to your close ones and watch how prosperous their Diwali gets. 

2. Gold Pendants 

Secondly, this gift is for someone who is extremely special to you. It can either be your mother, your wife, a special friend or even your sister. Gold plated pendants that you find in Diviniti are very lavish. Their magnificent aura doubles the beauty of the person who wears them. Hence, make sure to include it in your gift list this Dhanteras

However, there are several custom gold plated pendants available. At Diviniti, you can customize your gold pendant according to your wish. 

3. Puja Kit

The Hindu religion is a potpourri of ceremonies. As a result, you will continuously need some puja ingredients for various occasions. So, why append too much when you can buy a single Puja Kit? Take Diviniti’s Diwali Puja Kit as a gift for your family members. It has everything starting from Puja Akshat to Chandan Keshar Teeka and even incense sticks. 

4. Sweets 

After buying these fancy gifts for them, it’s time to complement them with some sweets. Purchase sweets for your friends, relatives, family members and even for your colleagues. Besides, chocolates are also a good addition to the list. 

5. Flowers 

Finally, we shall end up the list with flowers. A good bouquet for neighbours and employees never fails to surprise them. Both Dhanteras and Diwali are days when we forget everything and become friends even with enemies. So, take part in this divine festival with opulent presents. 

Are you confused about where to buy Diwali puja kits online? Then, get in touch with Diviniti. Here, you can check 24k gold coin price and then buy the best one. All of their presents are surely going to amaze you.