Security Certificate

University Certificates / Mark sheets non tearable / Card format

Mark sheets and certificates must have security features embedded in them to prevent forgery. Divniti being the leaders in anti-counterfeiting, we provide a cost-effective, secure, reliable certificate printing service. Our features include:

  • Combination of security features to enable secure documents

  • More than twenty five security features including bar code, embossed hologram, rainbow color printing, water mark, micro-line, hidden ghost, photo printing etc.

  • Bulk volumes can be produced easily in our high capacity machines

  • Certificates in both pre-printed as well as fully personalized formats

In addition to the above, we also university certificates in smart card formats which can store student information like semester marks, rank, etc. It provides a convenient and reliable method of authentication by organizations at the time of recruitment. They are also secure and universities can be seen adopting this to avoid forgery.

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