The "symphony" of a wall clock that just keeps ticking has its soulful melody and is a recurring aide-memoire of how swiftly time passes by. However, we live in a new age where people depend more on smartphones and smart watches. Nonetheless, if you still go to some old cottage or maybe a semi-modern house, you will find opulent clocks at a still corner. 

It is fascinating to know that wall clocks are not just used as decorative artworks but also as a beautiful reflection of time, space and period. It bedecks not just our homes but also hearts, mind and soul and tells us that former experiences are being healed, and each day is welcomed differently also tells us to let go of our past and unwind on new paths of enlightenment.

Some facts regarding wall clocks and its placement

While you have all the creative ideas to add beauty to different corners of your houses using wall clocks, it is crucial to adhere to Vastu Shastra principles. But why is that? The answer is: to make sure there is optimistic energy in the house and harmony. We know moving to a new house or restructuring it is a little challenging. And understanding the spotting of a wall clock can, according to the Vastu Shastra can, be even more confusing. Especially if you are investing in a 24-carat gold-plated wall clock. That is why we have come up with a solution for you. 

Here are some solutions and tips for you


The North direction is the best direction to fixate a wall clock. The North side is ruled by Kubera (the deity of treasure and prosperity). Placing our wall clock to this side will keep all the economic challenges in the household at bay.


There are some situations wherein it is impossible to place the clock in the north direction. In such cases, having an open mind and exploring the east direction is crucial. The East side is governed by Indra (the master of gods and heaven). In addition, you will get financial benefits if you place your wall clock on the East side.


The explorer in you should not stop you from experimenting. You can also try the West direction to place your clock. The unique direction, the West, is governed by Varun, the god of rain. It has a symbolic meaning for stability in life.


You should mindfully avoid this one direction to place the wall clock in the south direction. The South direction is not regarded as good or auspicious as Yama, the god of death, governs it. If you choose this direction, you might end up in debt or have financial losses. 

But where to buy a good wall clock?

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It is time to look at time a little differently and a little mindfully. Try now.