Observing a fast on Vijaya Ekadashi is an ancient spiritual practice that has been passed down for generations. Know where you can buy divine gifts for friends and bands. 

Vijaya Ekadashi is the 11th day after the full moon in the Magh Krishna Paksha and is celebrated in the Phalguna month according to the Purnimant calendar. The day is named after Vijaya, one of the Dwarapalas of Shri Vishnu's heavenly abode, Vaikuntha.

Why is Vijay Ekadashi popular?

Ekadashi occurs twice in a lunar month and is a day when the body does not demand food. It is a part of the human physiology cycle called a mandala, which occurs approximately every 40 to 48 days.

Benefits of Observing a Fast on Vijaya Ekadashi

Observing a fast on Vijaya Ekadashi is considered to be an auspicious and spiritual act, and is believed to bring blessings and positive results. The fast is said to purify the body and mind and can bring peace, harmony, and well-being.

To observe the fast on Vijaya Ekadashi, a person should abstain from food and water and can consume a mixture of water, Sanjeevini health mix, jaggery, and mixed paste.

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