Chhath Puja is almost here and we absolutely cannot keep calm! This popular festival is dedicated to the Sun god. Here are some interesting facts about Chhath Puja.

This devotional occasion takes place for four continuous days and is popular in states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and U.P. Beginning on the 6th day of the Kartika month, Chhath Puja brings happiness to the life of devotees. Some people commuting back to their hometown after a long time take 24 carat gold gift items for their family members. 

Chhath Puja’s Association With Mythological Texts

It is a common belief that Lord Rama lies behind the inception of this divine festival. Lord Rama, on his return to Ayodhya, observed a fast in honor of the Surya Dev (Sun). While Sita and Lakshman were heading along with him, Lord Rama broke the fast only with the setting sun. Hence, there was the subsequent discovery of such a ritual. 

Secondly, the popular Mahabharata character, Karn, is said to be the son of the Sun god and Kunti. Karna was in the habit of offering prayer to Surya Devta while standing in the water. Additionally, there goes a story where Draupadi performs a similar ritual for her Pandava husbands. As a result, they got their lost kingdom back. 

In the Hindu culture, Chhath Puja is the best way to detoxify your body. Taking dips in the holy water and exposing the body to Sun eventually increases the flow of solar bioelectricity. Further, it helps in enhancing the functionalities of the human body. Since Chhath Puja takes place in November, it prepares the body for the winter season. 

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