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As per Times of India, the total business potential of Indian spiritual market is a hopping US$ 30 Billion which translates to more that Rs. 2,50,000 Crore annually. About 90% of this market is being catered by small and unorganized firms, leading to a great business potential.

About Us

The brand 'Diviniti' has been acknowledged and respected worldwide for its quality and exquisiteness of its products. 'Diviniti' has been pioneer in India in manufacturing of 24 Carat gold plated products using the most advanced patented Swiss technology. We started our first production unit in Switzerland and now all our products are indigenously manufactured adhering to the spirit of 'Make in India'. Every tenth car in the country has a 'Diviniti' product and more than 50 Million households in the world have 'Diviniti' products adorning either their temples or drawing rooms. Diviniti is the official gift partner of the President of India's office and we are preferred gift partner of almost all ministries and government bodies in the country. Diviniti is the exclusive supplier of car idols to all car manufacturers in the country like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ford, Hyundai and others.

Why Us

World class and wide range of products from a very reputed and established brand of the country. High brand equity. High retail margin - 40%. Attractive sales scheme from time to time. Location of store shall be put up on Google Map and their shop names and addresses shall also be put up on company's website. Thus increase in footfall and increased sales. Free branding worth Rs. 5,000/-. Uniform pricing of products in both online and offline.


  • - Premium hotels and lounges.
  • - Automobile showrooms and auto accessory stores.
  • - Premium Puja Stores.
  • - Premium banquet halls.
  • - Large gift shops & mom and pop stores.
  • - Premium clubs & Restaurants.
  • - Premium Puja Stores.
  • - Wedding & event planners. invites you to join us to explore more business opportunities. Choose from our two options of franchise and fill up the form below:

Investment Capital
Rs. 10 Lakh

ROI 70%, Payback period 2 years*

Investment Capital
Rs. 2.5 Lakh

ROI 70%, Payback period 2 years*

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