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Covid warrior

The Making of A Masterpiece

for the fearless soldiers who have risked their lives to save ours!

Technology of photography on metals

The daguerreotype is one of the oldest photographic process, widely used during the middle of 19th century was invented by a French scientist Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre and introduced worldwide in 1839. This technique of photography remained limited to a small number of discerning art lovers who are connoisseurs of photography because of the cost involved in producing a single photograph on a mirror finish metal plate.

The basic difference between daguerreotype and normal photoprahic process lies in the fact that in daguerreotype the image of an object is created on a smooth mirrorlike metal surface rather than on a photographic film or paper. So in one exposure you get one photograph which can never be reproduced making it a very expensive process.

We at DIVINITI have been using this technique of photography for many decades to create impressions of deities on gold cladded nickel foils and never indulged in cheaper methods easily available like metal etching or use of lasers. The difference in quality of DIVINITI products and that of our competitors lie in the basic technique of photography.

Daguerreotype Photography Technique & Apparatus

Cladding of Gold & Nickel Foils

As gold foils of higher thickness would make the DIVINITI products prohibitively expensive and would make them virtually unaffordable to common people, we at DIVINITI use Nickel as the base metal and use a technology called ‘cladding’ to attach a thin layer of gold foil on the Nickel foils. With the gold foil on top, the products retains all the beauty of gold at the fraction of a cost of gold. As the layer of gold is extremely thin, extraction of gold from the DIVINITI is only possible by the chemical process of electrolysis not by any mechanical process.

Gold Foil
Nickel Base Foil
Cladding of Gold & Nickel Foils

Artisans At Diviniti

It is a well known fact that DIVINTI came into its existence as a boutique art studio in 1956 which comprised by few expert artisans & artists from different parts of the country to produce exquisite master pieces. Since its inception DIVINITI has not changed its philosophy and barring the use of technology for production of gold & nickel foils, we have extensively retained the services of our expert artisans even until today.

Artisans At Work At Diviniti Studio

These artisans over the years have created a number of master pieces which adorn the puja rooms and drawing rooms of royalties and celebrities world over.

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