Shree Yantram refers to a mystical diagram used in the Hinduism school. Unlike customized frames, you can place them in your house to bring peace and harmony.

In India, the worship of Shri Vidya has remained popular since ancient times. It is another form of supercharging yourself and illuminating the path to your inner self. This time, when you buy divine gifts for your loved ones, don’t forget to add Shree Yantra to the list. 

The Meaning Of The Geometrical Design Of Shree Yantram

Shri Yantra is popularly known as Shri Chakra or the “Holy Ring”. It includes a central point which is the presentation of connection between the physical universe and its source. The central point is surrounded by nine interlocking triangles and each one of them makes 43 smaller triangles. A circle of eight lotus petals further surround these smaller triangles. Also, there is an outer ring of Sixteen Lotus Petals. 

The Trailokya Mohana Chakra is a representation of the outer square. The drawing encompasses three lines and intersected in four equal entrances. Secondly, the Sarvsha Paripurak Chakra represents the 16 Lotus Petals in second circle. The Sarva Anandamayi Chakra lies in the centre, the Yoni Bindu. 

Shri Yantra is very pious and auspicious when you place it in your home or workplace. Usually, people worship Shree Yantra in the morning by putting it on top of a yellow cloth. You should place the Yantra over a swastika symbol that you need to draw with a vermillion.

Advantages Of Placing Shree Yantram

  1. It empowers your inner self along with providing a clear understanding of the outside world. 
  2. It is due to Shree Yantram that your dormant superpowers gets switched to reality. You can make your deepest and most ambitious desires real with this divine yantra. 
  3. Placing Shree Yantra in the right position opens your heart as well as the eye to the people around you. 
  4. It converts you into an unstoppable magnet to attract those people who have positive energy. 
  5. When it comes to protection, Shree Yantram renders you an invincible energy, both internally and externally. Hence, nothing can hold you back from your destiny. 
  6. This Yantram also has cleansing power as it removes out negative energy. Additionally, it blocks all the energy that sabotage your hard work. 
  7. Finally, it nourishes you with the knowledge and joy to bring anything into life. 

The Bottom Line

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