Believe it or not, Vastu Dosha can trouble most of us in our lives. In order to remove such evil Feng Shui, we often bring luck-favouring wall decoration items for living room. One such home decor item is Wind Chime which is both lucky for us and a great decorative possession. 

Wind chimes have the potential to remove evil eyes or Vastu Dosha. Moreover, they are prospective cures against possible misfortunes or bad luck. When it comes to distributing a positive aura, wind chimes are an effective investment. These “magical bells” surely deserve a place in your home. 

Different Places In Your House To Hang A Wind Chime 

If you are planning to place your windchime on outdoor porches, hear this out. Install them either in gardens where they are away from trees. If you own patio furniture or swing sets, try hanging them there. On the other hand, some may also like to keep them on their doors. So, every time the wind blows, it makes a sweet chiming sound. 

Installing wind chimes inside your house is fairly easy. Unlike other wall decoration items for living room, this one is the most classy one. Ceramic wind chimes that are hung in the Northwest direction welcome love and affection in your place. However, blue colour ones have soothing effects and help fight stress and insomnia. 

The placement of wind chime should be done where energy is stagnant. Inside bedrooms, the ideal place is near the windows from where a gentle breeze blows. 

As per wind chime Vastu specifications, hanging these beauties in the west welcomes fortune and positivity to your place. 

Wind Chime Vastu Benefits

Vastu Shastra states how wind chimes negate the adverse impacts of Vastu Dosha. Not only do they assist in suppressing bad omens but also usher in prosperity and fortune. As per Feng shui, wind chimes can build synchronization between humans and the five elements of nature. These are wood, earth, fire, water as well as metal. 

Windchime Vastu has it saying that sweet melodies are a reason for happiness in a house. However, if you are not a big fan of wind chimes, you can check out some wall clocks and wall hangings. For a change, even these make up excellent wall decor for living room. Diviniti has the most amazing wall decor items and you can easily buy these divine gifts online
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