Mahavir Jayanti is around the corner and we know you cannot keep calm. With so many shopping for spiritual products online, we tend to forget the real reason for celebrating this divine day. This is why Diviniti has brought this blog to light, so enlighten yourselves with this piece of information. 

In a world full of confusion, sorrow and unnecessary commotion, we are always in search of peace and serenity. Lord Mahavir has always remained popular as a figure preaching the lessons of tranquillity to society. Hence, if you think that it's enough to buy gold plated gifts on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti is enough, you might be wrong. 

Lord Mahavir’s Life Lessons On The Occasion Of Mahavir Jayanti

Lord Mahavir, the founder of Jainism, preached a philosophy of non-violence, truth, and compassion. After giving up the material world at the age of 30, the spiritual teacher known as the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism engaged in frequent meditation practice. At the age of 72, he gained salvation, nirvana, or moksha. Here are ten life lessons we can learn from his teachings:

  1. Non-violence (Ahimsa) is the highest form of Dharma: Lord Mahavir believed that non-violence is the most important virtue in life. He taught that every living being has a right to live and we should avoid causing harm to any living being.
  1. Respect for all living beings: Lord Mahavir believed that all living beings are equal and should be treated with respect and compassion. He taught that one should not only avoid harming others but should also try to help them.
  1. The importance of truth: Lord Mahavir emphasized the importance of truth in life. He taught that one should always speak the truth and follow it in their actions.
  1. Self-control: Lord Mahavir taught the importance of self-control and how it can help in achieving inner peace and happiness.
  1. Detachment: Lord Mahavir believed that detachment from worldly pleasures can lead to inner peace and enlightenment.
  1. Karma: Lord Mahavir taught that every action has a consequence and that one should be mindful of their actions.
  1. Equality: Lord Mahavir believed in the equality of all human beings, regardless of their caste, creed, or gender.
  1. Forgiveness: Lord Mahavir taught the importance of forgiveness and how it can lead to inner peace and harmony.
  1. Non-attachment: Lord Mahavir taught the importance of non-attachment to material possessions and how it can lead to inner happiness.
  1. Compassion: Lord Mahavir believed that compassion towards all living beings is the key to happiness and enlightenment. He taught that one should always strive to help others and alleviate their suffering.

The Bottom Line

Make your Mahavir Jayanti celebrations 2023 a hit. Get in touch with Diviniti and buy divine gifts online. Exchange gold plated gift items with your friends, family and loved ones on this divine day.