Preadolescence is one of the sweetest memory in a person’s life. It was the time when we committed mischief all day long and slept peacefully at night. The only thing that’s more precious than our childhood is its reminiscence. Hence, to keep the memory alive, Children’s Day is celebrated in our country. 

We all miss being the little kid who could be himself everywhere. This 14th November, make sure to travel into the past again with divine gifts. Let the child inside you break free. Also, parents, teachers, and guardians can take some ideas with this blog for gifting their kids. 

What makes Children’s Day so special?

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was popular for his love as well as affection for kids. The kids used to call him Chacha Nehru as they were in awe of him. He had a belief that the kids of today will shape the future of our nation tomorrow. The way we bring up our kids determines their consistency and commitment. After his demise in 1964, we celebrate his birth date i.e. November 14 as Children’s Day.

On this day, various schools, as well as colleges, organize programs. Plays, cultural events, and competitions are some of them while they also arrange sweets, books, and stationeries for children. This day is a reminder that every child is unique and deserves an education and good care. As adults, it is our responsibility to gift them something that they shall remember forever. 

Surprise your Kids with these gifts 

  • As parents, we are always concerned about our child’s studies. Additionally, we want them to sit with their books. So, why not gift them something that will keep indulging them in books? Check out magnificent gold plated bookmarks from Diviniti. 
  • Some of us are lucky parents because our kids are full of creativity. They are always in search of writing down their experiences. For such brilliant minds, Diviniti has crafted gold plated journals and notebooks. Furthermore, what’s better than a present that is useful to them?
  • Teachers, this one is for you. Do you have a fond memory of a time you spent with your student? If yes, preserve them in customized frames and gift them to him. This is surely going to leave the kid with teary eyes as he realizes how precious he is. 
  • Finally, we have gold plated quotations on our list which also makes up a great present. 

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