Whether it is your gold plated wall clock or jewellery, they do need special care. Have a brief look into maintaining the beauty of gold plated products. Read to know more. 

A great approach to achieving the gold aesthetic without spending a fortune is with gold-plated jewellery. But, gold plating does eventually wear off because it is just a thin plating applied to the jewellery's metal. Make sure to preserve your gold plated god frames with these tips. 

3 Ways To Keep Your Gold-Plated Products New-Like Forever

  • Wipe them down

Once in a while, keep wiping your gold-plated products. But only use soft clothes that won’t leave any stains on them. In this process, you should never use water. Dab the piece with a soft cloth and let them be as it is. In the case of gold-plated jewellery like pendants, wiping also helps to get rid of strange smells. You are wrong to think that the jewellery is free of all the substances after you took it out. 

  • Never put water on them

There are times when your gold-plated products look dirty. Even though you want to wash them up like your other usual articles, you can’t. Usually, when you buy gold plated home decor from a shop, the manufacturers give you directions. No matter what you do, never use water for cleaning them. 

  • Don’t go swimming with it on

This is particularly for gold-plated jewellery. Chlorine is gold's main foe despite its reputation as a pure and nearly indestructible metal. If you fall into a pool wearing gold-plated jewellery, it will be lost forever since the chemical literally eats away at the gold, leaving it with surface "pits." Imagine what would happen to gold-plated products if it could do this to solid gold objects!

Factors To Keep In Mind About Original Metal Of Products

  1. Copper, brass, bronze, sterling silver, and various alloys With time, these metals will oxidise and tarnish, changing the colour of the metal. 
  2. There is no way to stop this from happening because of the chemical characteristics of these metals. The gold plating will ultimately become tarnished. 
  3. Depending on where you are, the humidity of the air and the chemicals in the environment may speed up this process. To deal with this problem, Fast Jewelry Repairs adds a coating of nickel or palladium before gold plating, but this is not a permanent solution, and tarnishing will still happen. 
  4. If you intend to plate these metals, bear this in mind.


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