Holi is the most colourful festival in our country. It marks the onset of spring and is usually marked by people buying gold plated corporate gifts for their dear ones.

A wave of happiness flows with the air during the Holi festival. It is all about exchanging an exuberant casting of coloured powders om families and friends. Some individuals love to buy divine gifts and add extra essence to this joyous occasion. 

Holi Festival Celebrations Across The Country

Certain cities in India celebrate this festival in all its glory. It is basically a North Indian festival but the celebrations take place all over the country. If you are a non-resident of India, you should definitely visit during this time of the year. Places like New Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mumbai indulge in celebrations that know no bounds. 

In Delhi, children and some adults can make you a target of water balloons filled with colours. Make sure to step out on the street only with some serious preparations. On the other hand, if you want to witness a traditional celebration, go to places like Mathura, Pushkar (Rajasthan) and Varanasi. Along with community dance performances, you get to see Krishna Rasleela. 

Every year the local shopkeepers fill their stores with tons of colours in baskets. The big mountains of colourful hues make customers fond of them. Right before the day of the festival, adults stock up on their range of colours. Indian households are filled with the delectable smell of delicacies such as Dahi Vada, Gujiya, etc. 

Kids spend their entire day playing pranks on elders as well as friends. Young women and men deck up in traditional attire and visit friends. The true essence of Holi is that it does not differentiate between the rich and poor, elders or younger ones. 

What Do The Colours Denote?

We have talked about the environment and the festival. But Holi is incomplete without the presence of colours. Did you know that each colour has a special symbolism? 

  1. Red

Red is the colour of purity. 

  1. Blue

Blue denotes the calmness within us. 

  1. Green

When resembling vitality, green is the colour. 

  1. Orange

Orange shows the endurance we have among us. 

  1. Yellow

The colour of happiness and hope is yellow. 

  1. Purple

Purple encompasses the overall magic of the festival. 

  1. Pink

Finally, pink resembles love and thoughtfulness. 

Just like the diverse colours, we have diverse traditions in India. But what keeps us together is the feeling of unity among us. 


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