Finding a wall clock with its pendulum ticking away is common for conventional homes of yore. Primitive people always preferred placing customized wall clocks in a somber atmosphere. But have you ever thought about why? There are some reasons why Vastu plays an important role in the placement of our home decor. 

In simple words, we can define Vastu as the science of better living that results in peace and prosperity. When we shift to a new house, we follow every instruction according to the Vastu. Similarly, there are rules that we must adhere to while keeping a 24 carat gold plated wall clock at home. So, check them out. 

4 Wall Clock Vastu Tips For A Shining Future 

  1. Consider “East” an auspicious direction

In the olden days, the eastern wall was popular as the “orient.” Hence, according to Vastu, if the north is not an option, the wall clock can face the east side. It is the positivity of the eastern direction that brings good luck to us. Since the Sun governs this auspicious direction, both the quality of work and relationships improve. 

  1.  Never keep clocks that stop working

This is another highly significant Wall clock Vastu tip. Stopped clocks denote a lack of progression in life. Therefore, avoid keeping such clocks in your house. Wall clocks that stop operating fetch various negative energies and emotions. The key is to keep the wall clock running and in good shape as long as possible. Also, make sure that the clock runs right on time. 

  1. Where should you place the endless chime?

While it may sound challenging, placing the wall clock is no big deal. You can place it in any direction rather than the South. However, the clock should never be hung over a doorway. Facing on the east side and away from the bed is opt for newlyweds. For the best results, place your wall clock in the north or east directions. 

  1. Which kind of clock to opt for?

With a plethora of options to choose from, it becomes challenging to find the right type of clock. While other wall clocks are good-to-go, your house deserves something opulent. Check out some amazing 24-Carat wall clocks by Diviniti that are perfect for your splendid houses. These clocks make a sweet chime, thereby filling your mind with positivity and light. You can find them here. 
Leverage these wall clock tips in your everyday life and see the magic happening. To provide you with more informative tips, Diviniti is right here by your side. Get in touch and buy gold plated home decor at reasonable prices. Our most prestigious clients boast about our 24k gold plated gifts items and divine gifts online. So, give us a call today.