When going to the market to buy gold plated wall clocks, there are various questions that come to mind. This blog aims to offer answers to most of your gold plated gift queries.

Gold plating refers to the application of a gold layer to another metal. The biggest reason why people opt for gold plated gift items is due to their affordability. In today’s market, it is the most widely bought item. But there are some

Things you need to consider before purchasing a gold plated gift

  1. Make sure the brand is reliable

Since gold-plated products are quite precious, you must always purchase them from a trustworthy brand. Brands such as Diviniti believe in improving the quality of gift items by adding classy gold plating. Our quality ensures that your gift items last for a lifetime and the recipient will surely become happy.

  1. A smart investment

Gold-plated gift items and even jewelry can be a much better investment than other expensive items. The best part is you get different qualities of gold from 10K to 24K. Although the cost depends upon the Karats of gold, they are still very much more affordable than real gold. Also, there is a greater variety when it comes to gold plated gift items. 

  1. Material

In gold-plated jewelry, you will mostly find other metals as their base. The most common metals that are used for the purpose are nickel as well as silver. However, you must always make sure that the gift items manufacturer is using high quality raw materials. Furthermore, it should be free of any harmful elements. 

  1. Longevity of the material

If you take a good care of your gold plated product, it will surely last for a couple of years. You should wash it with water and use a soft microfibre cloth for cleaning it. Further, store it in a plastic bag and keep it a dry, clean area. If you own a gold-plated jewellery, remember to take it off while going for swimming or water-related activities. Following these tricks will ensure that your gold plated gift remains new for several years. 

  1. Guarantee

Many people believe that gold-plated jewellery do not last long. But if you buy it from a copper-bottomed brand, guarantee comes within the product. Diviniti has perfected the quality of plating as well as materials. Hence, we can provide you with an unprecedented warranty on gold-plated products. 

Wrapping It Up

Now you know where to head over to when you want magnificent gold plated pendants and gift items. Diviniti prides itself on its high-quality 24-Carat gold-plated products that comes at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today if you want a gold plated photo frame that can beautify your house decor.