The mystical celebrations of Guru Nanak Jayanti are grabbing a fast pace. And it is no longer limited to India because Sikhs all around the world are taking an active part. Joy and peace prevail with the incoming of this divine festival. Along with huge processions and “langar”, we catch the view of 24 carat gold gift items being exchanged. 

Commemorated as the “Founder of Sikhism”, Guru Nanak Ji is the first Guru out of the ten Sikh Gurus. Guru Nanak Jayanti marks the birthday of this spiritual Guru and usually falls on Khattak Pooranmashi. In the year 2024, Guru Nanak Jayanti is on the 8th of November. Let’s go down memory lane and extract essential information about Shri Guru Nanak Ji’s life. Further, we will also check out the different ways in which the entire world celebrates this devotional festival. 

Life Accounts Of Shri Guru Nanak Dev 

Guru Nanak Sahib’s birth was not an ordinary one. He took birth in 1469 to a Hindu family in the Rai Bhoi ki Talwandi village. Initially, the village was in Punjab (present Pakistan) which was the Lahore province of the Delhi sultanate. Kaluram Mehta Ji Khatri as well as Tripta Devi were his parents. Nanki was Guru Nanak Ji’s sister whose husband was in the Delhi Sultanate’s service. 

He also had a wife, Sulakhani Devi, who was the daughter of Chando Rani and Mul Chand. Further, Guru Nanak bore two kids namely Shri Chand Ji and Laxmi Chand Ji. The celestial deity breathed his last days in Kartarpur where he also practiced farming. However, the place today lies in Pakistan but the corridor remains open for devotees. The unfortunate death of Shri Guru Nanak Ji was on 22nd September 1539. 

Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebrations Across The World 

The entire global population rejoices in the Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrations and we have enough proof of that. The celebrations mainly begin at home where people start their day by bringing Guru Nanak’s customized frames. Devotees believe that storing the double sided glass frame of the mystical Guru helps them to overcome their sorrows. 

Relatives visit each other on this day but never with empty hands. They always buy divine gifts for their friends and family. The day of Guru Nanak Jayanti is very devotional for Sikhs. As a result, they either buy his mdf photo frame online or visit a store- but they never keep their house empty.

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