• Do You Know Which type of Car Idol Should You Buy?

    Car Dashboard FrameThe first thing you need to buy for your new car is an idol or frame of a deity you believe in. But which is the right one for your car? Read on to know.

    Do you believe in astrology? Astrology is one of the most vital points to consider when it is all about buying something religious for your home or your new car. The right one can be a blessing but the wrong one can be a curse. Buying a new car is a big decision but it does not need any astrologer to decide which one to buy. Isn’t it? It is a known fact to all that while purchasing a car there are some parameters that you need to consider. For example, which color to select, which registration number to choose, etc. But what are the steps to be taken after bringing the new car home? The steps include the right car dashboards idols and arranging for a puja to bless the new vehicle. Continue reading

  • Stay Blessed Even While Travelling with A Ganesha Photo Frame

    photo frame for car dashboardBought a new car? Planning for your first ride on the new car with your family? But, before that bless your asset with a photo frame for car dashboard.

    Do you know all the types of Ganesha photos available? Yes, there are basically four different types of Ganesha photo frames. Are you surprised to know hoe can one God picture be available in different forms? You can check out the online god photo frame shop to check out the different postures of Lord Ganesha's photo frames. Lord Ganesha photo frames can be distinguished according to the postures, the characteristics, and the direction of the trunk. But the confusion will arise when you will think of buying one? The question is how to decide now which one is right to keep on your new car’s dashboard. You can choose from the different postures like the standing, dancing, or the sitting posture with his trunk either on the right or the left side but the left-sided trunk is generally prefered more. Continue reading

  • Why Concept of Installing Car Idols Is the Best Idea Ever

    buy idols onlineIt requires long -time savings. If everything goes well, one can possibly then go and buy a Car. Hence if someone has bought a new car recently, it is advisable to have car idols.

    Everyone has dreams, and to make their very small, little dreams a definite shape, one really has to work hard. Possessing an enormous amount of patience is always a key. This even includes buying a car as well. For average people, owning a car is not any child's play. One may ask now, why does one install these idols at first place? What’s the significance of this? Is it essential or mandate to have these idols? If say yes then why? If no then why not? Questions are endless and but the solution is one. In the Hindu religion, Idolatry is the prime way to worship all Gods. It is almost impossible to define Hinduism without idolizing Gods. It will equally be tough to convey its importance without having “Murtis” and “Photos”. For e.g Shiva-Lings, Radha-Krishna, Lord Ganesh and many more. Each idol has its own idea to define life and its surroundings. The idea behind installing idols is to make everything calm and serene. Whenever there’s calmness and serenity, it always exudes positive energy. In a more refined way, one may describe it as “Spirituality”. Continue reading

  • The Most Elegant Wall Clocks for Your Home Decor

    wall clock for giftsSo, looking for a unique wall clocks for gifting one of your loved one on the housewarming caremony? Then visit Diviniti online store and make your purchase.

    A wall clock can be one of the most distinctive wall decor items of your home. The online store offers a broad range of antique yet elegant wall clock designs with gold-plating to add the royal touch. These clocks are not only designed to time-tell, but also to be the classiest timepiece or the integral part of the home decor. Each of the wall clocks available here are not only given gold-platings but are also selected carefully to be asthetically uplifitng as well as functional. Select from the broad array of unique wall clocks for gifting or for your own home from the online store at prices that will never pinch your pocket much. Continue reading

  • Designed Glassware – The Perfect Wedding Gifts

    drinking glassesIf you are in search of the perfect wedding gift then you have come to the right place. This online gift shop has the best items for your close ones.

    Well-designed glassware pieces add the royal and sophisticated touch to the place where these are kept. Shop from the most trusted online gift shop and gift your loved ones any of the glassware sets on their weddings. There are so many designed glasses with gold-plated rims and artworks on the glasses that will give the royal feeling. These are surely going to be the ideal presents on occasion like housewarming too besides only weddings. Continue reading

  • Explore the Classiest Range of Timekeepers – Wall Clocks

    Are you planning to replace your wall clock with a classic timekeeper? The explore Diviniti, the best place for divine gifts online shopping in India.home decorative wall clockThe wall clocks that are displayed online, are the masterpieces, and the most elegant timekeepers. The online store features a broad range of both contemporary and traditional wall clocks. You can have an incredible and easy shopping experience when you have chosen the online portal to make the purchase. The gold-plated home decorative wall clocks feature royal and exquisite designs for elevating every home interior to the new heights of sophistication and class. Continue reading

  • Car Puja Guide – Bless Your New Car in the Right Way

    Bought a new car? Ready to go for the first drive? But, don’t forget to bless your new car first with divine gifts. Here’s the right way to do the car puja.

    gods photo frames onlineAfter buying something new, be it a TV, fridge, or a car, the first thing every Hindu believes in doing is performing a puja for the newly bought object. When a new car is bought, it is blessed with some divine gifts and a puja is performed before going for the first drive. Just before beginning with the rituals, the car is washed, cleaned, and wiped.

    Continue reading

  • How Can your Bling things up in this Christmas?

    photo frames onlineKeeping picture frames of Gods and Goddesses in your home can bring serenity to the environment of the home. So, buy a Jesus photo frame this Christmas.

    Christmas is the festival that is celebrated on the eve of the birth of Lord Jesus on 25th December. From children to the old ones in the family, all are found busy decorating the Christmas trees, Idols of Santa Clause, etc. Now, that’s ok but what about your home? Your home also needs a decoration on the eve of Christmas. Isn’t it? So, then let’s not waste any more time and talk about the things that are needed to give the home ambiance a Christmas decor. On Christmas, the first and the most important thing that should come in the list of items to be bought for your home is a picture frames or an idol of Lord Jesus.

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  • Why Should you Gift Radha-Krishna Idol on A Wedding?

    hindu spiritual productsRadha-Krishna idols are quite popular as wedding gifts. There are some reasons behind choosing these Hindu spiritual products for gifting on weddings.

    The divine store includes so many different Hindu spiritual products for gifting on occasions like weddings. But why most of the people opt for the Radha-Krishna idols for this special occasion? Is it so auspicious? Before getting into the details, let’s check out the reasons for the popularity of this as a perfect wedding gift.

    Continue reading

  • Explore Some Divine Gift Ideas for Auspicious Occasions

    Looking for something affordable yet divine for gifting in the upcoming auspicious occasion? Then explore the collection of divine picture frames online store.photo frames onlineGold is a precious metal all over the world. The heritage of making use of gold is considered prestigious and royal. You can even explore the range of gold-plated glassware, coins, frames, and many more artifacts offered at the divine picture frames online store. The online store offers 24 ct. gold-plated products at the best prices. These items are also chosen for gifting in the most auspicious occasions like Diwali, housewarming functions, etc.

    An artistic or aesthetic gift is always more authentic and impressive. Gifting anyone a valuable thing can be the solace to heart of the receiver. Festivals are incomplete without the joy of exchanging gift items. Silver and gold-plated items are considered to be worthy for investment especially when it is all about gifting your loved ones. The online store caters a broad alley of the trendiest yet divine gift ideas including frames, idols of the deities, puja items like thalis, diyas, etc. Continue reading

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